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Getting there


Xipolito is 30 minutes by car from port, the airport and the city of Corfu. The nearest town, Giannades, is 2 km away from Xipolito and can be reached by taking an unpaved road through olive groves. We recommend arriving with your own car or renting a car upon arrival on the island.


by ferrry

Corfu is all year long easily accessible by boat. Approximate travel time from Venice is ca. 22 hours, from Ancona is ca. 18 hours and from Brindisi is ca. 7 hours. The modern ships offer comfortable cabins at reasonable prices and operate almost daily during the entire year. It is worthwhile to compare offers.

From the Greek mainland, there are hourly ferries to Corfu from Igumenitsa. Travel time is approximately 1 hour.


by air

During the summer season, charter flights to Corfu from Zürich and Basel-Mulhouse operate three times per week. Airlines that fly: (hello airlines)


Car rental on site

Corfu airport has representatives from most of the known car rental agencies.

Transfer from the airport/port to Xipolito is included in the price.

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