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The Concept


The natural embedding of the facility into the surroundings was one of the main architectural considerations during the designing of Xipolito. Traditional principles of form as well as techniques and materials were newly interpreted whereby a bridge between handcraft and innovation emerged.

The southern climate demands that particular attention be paid to thermal and light applications. The thick walls offer protection from the heat in summer while providing a feeling of security during the cooler seasons. The large front windows are equipped with adjustable shutters to help regulate the brightness of the rooms.

Living outside is another distinctive attribute of the south and this has been realized through the countless connections between indoors and outdoors.

The living areas were arranged by taking into consideration the various necessities required for a common living space as well as for individual privacy. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and each house has its own fully equipped kitchen and living room.



Naturally Sustainable

In the interest of sustainability, natural raw materials have been primarily used throughout the building and for the interior decoration. The specific characteristics of certain resources have been selectively used to ensure a comfortable atmosphere.


Solid wood

Upon entering the houses, guests are welcomed by the distinctive scent of cypress. The attic and intermediate ceilings have been traditionally crafted with solid cypress wood



The most remarkable feature of both houses are the massive stone walls which anchor the buildings onto their exposed location. All the bathrooms captivate with simple sandstone elements and cool limestone walls.



Throughout both houses, all textiles have been made with natural fibres. The linen bedding is distinguished for its thermal qualities: Providing comfortable cooling in summer and a pleasant warmth during the cooler months.

Roof tiles

The vintage roofs tiles are laid in old traditional style. The aged and weathered tiles blend harmoniously with the stone walls creating unity between the roofs and walls

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