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House 1


The ground floor consists of a large open living area with a kitchen, dining table and a lounge corner with a chimney. Behind this is a bedroom complete with a double bed and an en suite bathroom.

The kitchen is equipped with a glass ceramic stove, dishwasher and a large refrigerator with built-in freezer. A high-end stereo system offers the music lover a superior listening experience. Additionally, an i-pod connection is available.

The upper level has been conceived as an enclosed gallery. One wall is comprised of a glass façade which provides an acoustic barrier while offering a vast view of the sea. This floor houses a large double bedroom with a sitting area as well as a bathroom with a shower and toilet.



House 2


A large lounge as well as a small kitchen comprise the ground floor. Towards the back is a bedroom with a double bed and an en suite bathroom.

The upper level has been designed like in House 1 as an enclosed gallery. It consists of a large bedroom, which with its large work space can also be used as an office. A bathroom with a shower and toilet is located on this level as well.

The layout of the living areas amongst the two houses is ideal for two families or friends who wish to spend holidays together while at the same time enjoying a spacious private atmosphere.




During the designing of the surroundings, emphasis was placed on a multi-functional use. A generous terrace and a quaint courtyard with lounge sofas are an invitation to relax.

The courtyard is protected from the wind by a wall with an antique Indian door in the back. On the side of each house is a shady pergola for comfort during the hot summer days. Olive trees behind the houses offer a cool spot for reading or daydreaming.

For swimming and cooling off a long pool is accessible directly from the terrace. Through an overflow the edge of the pool disappears into the sea resulting in a horizon of diverse blue hues. The pool is 14.5 meters long and 3 meters wide. With its central location on the property, parents can easily keep it in view.

Floorplan of the houses – ground floor


Floor plan of the houses – second floor

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