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The Island Kerkyra


Corfu or Kerkyra in Greek is the northernmost and second largest of the Ionic Islands. The Ionic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea and borders the Adriatic Sea to the north. Corfu’s latitude is the same as the heel of Italy as well as southern Albania and the Greek mainland.

Corfu is aptly known as the „green island.“ The lush vegetation including silvery green olive groves, dark cypress trees and an endless variety of Mediterranean plants offer nature’s spectacle the whole year round.

Culturally Corfu offers more than would be expected for an island of its size. With its central location in the Mediterranean, its culture has evolved from many different influences. The island has stood under English, French, Russian as well as Venetian protectorates which is evident in the countless buildings, monuments and cultural landscape.

Endless sport activities are available on the island. Many beaches have good water sports infrastructure. The mild temperatures in spring and autumn are ideal for mountain biking, tennis and hiking.



Near Xipolito

Shady paths among centuries old olive trees are an invitation to extensive hikes.

Numerous small and large beaches with sand and pebbles, which are only minutes from Xipolito by car, are enticing for bathing and relaxing.

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